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Courses we provide

We STAD INSTRUMENT AND CONTROLS are engaged in offering native essay writers training to plant view 3D Models, PLC, SCADA and HMI, Instrument engineer, supervisor, QA/QC inspector, Foreman, Technician & Electrician, Instrumentation engineer, Instrument Technician, Instrument Electrician, Valve Technician.

Course covers

This training and courses covers various things students gain knowledge of various valve types used throughout the industry.

  • Understand the function of different valve types. Learn to use valve repair machines to minimize cost. Learns to maintain leak roof sealing.
  • Disassemble, Inspect, Repair and assemble all valve types essential for safe and reliable operation. Fault-finding and repair of instrumentation/ electronic systems and equipment.
  • Engage in risk assessments as part of integrated safe system of work (ISSOW).


STAD INSTRUMENT AND CONTROLS Technical institute provides basic practical training for instrumentation. The lab is equipped for testing of different process parameter such as pressure, Temperature, Flow, Level & Control valve.

The instrumentation labs contain personal safety equipment, safety valve, Types of PTW. Here a student can experience real plant and standard instruments like HART, LOOP Calibrator and their operation setting. These instruments are capable of doing any type of calibration in the various processes.

  • The pressure measurement system includes pressure gauge calibration, Pressure transmitter calibration and Pressure switch high & low calibration.
  • The Temperature measurement system includes calibration of RTD, temperature illegal immigration cons indicator, thermocouple, temperature switch, Temperature transmitter, Temperature gauge.
  • The Flow measurement system includes Calibration of Flow transmitter, flow indicator, orific plate.
  • Level measurement system includes Calibration of level transmitter, wet & dry leg, and interface level.

Theory Class Room

The class room is capable of accommodating 20 students at a time equipped with projector system and is suitable for student theory. The environment of the class room provides the opportunity to have face- to-face interaction with their peer group and instructors along with this student get a chance to participate with our experts who work in large industries.